The 5 Social Platforms Your Business Cannot Ignore

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

So your business is up and running. You have set up everything that is needed for your brand to grow, and now it’s time to shout it out to the whole world. If you’re thinking of using social media as a way of for marketing your brand, then you are not the right track. Social media is one of the most convenient forms of marketing a new business can use.

The first advantage of social media is that it is inexpensive to market your brand. The second advantage is that with social media, your advertisement will reach a lot of people. Social media is also very to use you do not have to be an expert or have any experience using social media.

Below are five platforms that your business cannot ignore.

1. Facebook

Photo by Con Karampelas on Unsplash

Facebook is the most popular platform in social media. It boasts of up to 2.2 billion monthly users.  With Facebook, you can be sure that you will reach so many people with your advertisement. Facebook seems to know a lot about its users, and this is evident when you use the paid ads. When you use the paid ads on Facebook, your ad is sure to be seen by the relevant people in your line of business. There are, however, some other things that you can do to improve your marketing strategy on Facebook.

  • Create a business page on Facebook.
  • Post about your brand on the market groups found on Facebook.
  • Make sure that you attend to each interested customer
  • Be very regular in marketing your business on this platform.

2. Twitter

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

This platform can make your ads go viral. With the right advertising plan, twitter can be of great help to many entrepreneurs. The hashtags on twitter are a great tool too. If you are to use the right hashtag, then your business is bound to meet the attention of a lot of people. In this platform, people communicate and air their views using concise messages (240 characters long) called tweets. As a business owner, you will also use tweets for marketing your business

To manage marketing on Twitter means that you are going to be following up a lot on how your tweets or hashtags are doing. To follow up on everything concerning your business on twitter, you are going to need help. Luckily there are third party services that help you with managing everything on twitter. One of such services is TweetDeck. You can use it to track your tweets and schedule them. You can also follow your hashtags, organize your feed and know how to deal with frequent and essential notifications.

3. Instagram

Photo by on Unsplash

If you love visuals, then you are familiar with Instagram. This platform is good at visually showcasing your brand. Luckily for businesses, Instagram keeps coming up with new tools that assist in improving the sales of brands. When used correctly, Instagram can increase sales for your brand and help your business grow. Below are things you can do on Instagram to increase your sales.

  • Add professional yet quality and attractive photos
  • Use Instagram Stories to showcase business
  • Use Instagram hashtags to preach about your brand
  • Be regular in posting photos of what your business has to offer.

4. Linkedin

This is another platform your business can never ignore. Linkedin is an excellent way for your small business to grow. With options for job seekers to find jobs and for businesses to showcase their brand, LinkedIn is sure to market your business very efficiently. You can do some of these things to try and market your business efficiently.

  • Create a company page
  • Join LinkedIn groups that are related to brand
  • Publish content that is relevant to your business.
  • Use the LinkedIn showcasing pages
  • Leverage the power of the sponsored ads

5. Yelp

Photograph by Scott Eells — Bloomberg via Getty Images

While this platform is not structured like most platforms we’ve discussed above, it has over 1.4 milion active users. With that number of users, your business is set to thrive if you use yelp correctly to market your business. Yelp is considered as the king of reviews.

If you offer quality brands to your customers, then this is an excellent platform for you. Yelp is where people come to find the best of brands to consult. As a small business owner, this is a sure way to improve your sales. Two of the most relevant things you can do on yelp to have new customers is to showcase your business and encourage reviews. These two are the cores of yelp as a social media marketing forum.


Every small and new business that is not using social media platforms is missing out on a lot of things. Marketing is a crucial element of a small business, so the above social media platforms are something that no entrepreneur can afford to ignore.