Bottlenecks To Business Growth

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All businesses are opened with intent to make money. More sales mean more money for the business, hence making growth top of the company’s agenda.

Some factors affect business performance and make it either shoot up or go down.

A business bottleneck means that the business is not running smoothly. There is a backlog of work, and things are moving slowly, hindering business growth.

Here are bottlenecks to business growth and solutions;

Inadequate funds

For a business to grow, the owner must be ready to spend money on buying resources that help the business expand. Insufficient fund stops you from hiring qualified personnel as they require higher pay. You are also not likely to pay for software programs aimed at making your work more efficient. With the company extension, you will need to invest in sales enablement, scale the technology, and direct your resource at critical areas. All these require money.

Consider using capital sources available out there to cub this bottleneck. You can look into capital funding, through applying for a loan in the back. The loan can help you acquire new technology or create a strong team by working alongside a team of experts.

Poor time management

Most entrepreneurs are not keen on efficient time management while trying to achieve their goals. They have in place time-wasting processes, making the business lose a valuable amount of time that could contribute to its growth.

time management
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To deal with this bottleneck, you need to point out the time-wasting processes. Analyze the business flow metrics and compare your performance with your competitors to identify the reason for failure. Also, invest in technological tools like machine learning and automation as they help save time.

Less marketing

marketing strategy
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As a business owner, when you use your time in other things, you can neglect marketing. Marketing is what drives the company through bring in business, creating new channels for revenue, and forging a partnership. Failure to invest in marketing can lead to cash flow problems getting the business in trouble.

Lack of delegation

Being in charge of every process in your business will hinder growth. You are likely to ignore certain areas that may seem less important, and they are equally essential. You will also be overwhelmed most of the time hindering creativity, an essential component of business growth.

Through delegation of duties, you will be able to focus on the main issues affecting the business with great concentration. You will be able to quickly identify the areas that are failing your business really fast before it’s too late. By not micromanaging your team, you give them a chance to be creative and use their ideas. When they feel part of the team, they serve the company with zeal like they own it.

No System

Having a business without a system is planning to fail. When things are not run systematically, they are likely to be disorganized, leading to losses. You need to put in place a hiring system, lead generation system, and a sales system. They will help you optimize your business strategy and model and overcome bottlenecks to business growth.

Set systems will help the business save time through the optimization of workflow and process. The business will also move faster and provide more consistency. Mistakes are cut down, increasing the business efficiency as allow new employees to jump into tasks fast without any issues.

Poor inventory control

Poor inventory is a bottleneck that can inhibit business growth as the business fails to meet its growing demands. Shortage of production resources can cause inventory bottleneck in the production process, affecting the whole operation.

Having a real-time view of your whole inventory stock can significantly help. You need to invest in the right tools to maintain your inventory control efficiently and streamlined.

Poor forecasting

It’s one of the most common causes of bottlenecks in business growth. Over predicting demands will leave the business with excess products in the warehouse. Forecasting too low causes unmet orders which causes customer dissatisfaction and missed opportunities. These can ruin the business reputation for a long time.

To avoid this, use technology tools to track market demands in real-time. You also need to keep up with customer expectations and market conditions that are continuously evolving. Ensure that you employ flexible operating systems and adapt to the changing business needs.


Remember, simple solutions can make all the difference in your business growth. Never term a bottleneck to be too small because it can lead to massive losses in the business. Once a bottleneck is identified, it should be dealt with as soon as possible. Common signs of bottlenecks include stress associated with process or task, long waiting hours, and backlogged work.

Use the listed solutions to the above-discussed bottlenecks to improve efficiency and increase output. In turn, your business will experience growth and development.