About Us

Beyond any doubt, the SME sector has become an indispensable and invaluable contributor to the UK economy.  This is why we are so thrilled to offer reliable information on every imaginable aspect of the small business in the UK.

Our blog is for:-

  • Anyone looking for inspirational ideas on how to start their own business
  • Anyone in search of the latest trends in the SME sector in the UK
  • Any business owner seeking new ways to grow their business to the next level
  • Anyone looking for a solution to a problem encountered in running a small business
  • Anyone in the search for funds for a start-up or to grow an existing small business
  • Anyone who desires to be prepared for the next big thing in the SME sector

Our blog is an extensive resource on several aspects of the small business. These include:-

a) Business ideas

We feature articles on all types of small business including the increasingly popular run-from-home part-time business model, the well known retail business model, the versatile service-focused business model, client-oriented custom product business model and so many others.

b) Business Strategy

From our blog, readers gain access to a host of business strategy implementation for the small and start-up business including business plans for different business models, protocols on setting up a business, technology, and equipment needs assessments, supply management, waste management and so much others.

c) Business Resources

We provide readers access to exclusive content on various resources available to the small business including the best business security systems, the latest CRM software, comprehensive social media management tools, the best website management providers, online payroll and human resource management systems and so much more.

d) Funding

Our blog will feature articles on various ways to raise capital, including crowdfunding, how to apply for business loans and grants, how to gain entry to business accelerators and incubators, and so much more.

We strive to become the number one independent online resource on small businesses and startups in the UK.